제목[2U] EC-1022B2021-04-21 11:27:25

Display: A78 2x20 characters LCD Module with time clock(Year : Hour : Min. : Sec.) function inside
Power Supply :EC-1022series - ACE-1020A 270W ATX Power Supply with PFC function
Drive Bay:
-Four removable HDD drive bays
IDE Interface HDD Bay : support ATA-100 interface
SCSI Interface HDD Bay : support SCA HDD
-Slim-type CD-ROM(includes connection kit )
-3.5" Floppy Disk drive bays
Temperature sensors: Two temperature sensors to monitor system temperature.
Alarm: message through RS-232 to system and also to A78 LCD Module
Chassis Color : Black
Operating Temperature : 0~40˚C
MB-3792G ATX Main Board is well designed to work with EC-1022 Chassis.
EC-1022 also accepts general ATX mother board. But prefer to check mechanical drawing first to make sure can fit in.
Depth : 601mm
Net/GW (kg): 11/17

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