제목[1U] EC-10152021-04-21 11:28:16


1U Height Rackmount
EC-1015: Support PICMG compatible CPU Board
Accepts two PCI add-on cards
Drive space for one Slim CD-ROM and one 3.5" FDD
Two 3.5" Hard Disk Drive Bay -Removable with Aluminum Housing for best cooling performance. Two type HDD bays are provided.
IDE Interface HDD Bay: Support ATA-100 interface
SCSI Interface HDD Bay: Support SCA HDD
Equipped with ACE-816AL 150W ATX Power Supply
Best system cooling design
Front cover to protect disk access and on/off power switches
Optional ACE-816APL 150W ATX Power Supply with PFC function
Depth: 610mm (24")
Net/GW (kg): 9/13


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