제목[2U] RACK-2000A2021-04-21 11:22:37

EIA RS-310C 19" 2U Standard Rackmount Chassis
Front panel locking door protects disk access and on/off power switch
Plastic front panel
Removable power supply
Drive Bays : 1x5.25" drive ,1x3.5" FDD , 2x3.5" HDD(internal)
One 4cm and two 8cm ball bearing cooling Fan Removable fi lter
Designed with fan fault detecting system
Power Supply : ACE-1020A 270W ATX with PFC function Power Supply
Support RACK-mount slide 24" or 30"
Vibration : 5~17Hz, 0.1"double amplitude displacement
17~640 Hz,1.5G acceleration part to part
Shock : 10G acceleration part to part (11ms)
Color : White (PANTONE 413C) , Black (PANTONE Black C)
Dimension : 431mm(W)x88mm(H)x576mm(D)

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